Python script that does batch find and replace in txt files

Syed Khalid khalidness at
Mon Nov 10 02:49:29 CET 2014


Code is not removing  empty lines containing blank characters and not removing leading and trailing spaces present in each line. 

import glob, codecs, re, os

regex = re.compile(r"Age: |Sex: |House No:  ") # etc etc

for txt in glob.glob("D:/Python/source/*.txt"):   
    with, encoding="utf-8") as f:
        oldlines = f.readlines()
    for i, line in enumerate(oldlines):
        if "Elector's Name:" in line:
    newlines = [regex.sub("", line).strip().replace("-", "_") for line in oldlines[i:]]
    with + "_out.txt", "wb", encoding="utf-8") as w:

Kindly do the needful

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