A syntax question

Tim Chase python.list at tim.thechases.com
Mon Nov 10 21:29:40 CET 2014

On 2014-11-10 20:08, Mark Lawrence wrote:
> On 10/11/2014 11:31, David Palao wrote:
> >> My crystal ball is currently in for repair and is not expected
> >> back in the foreseeable future.
> >
> > Without a crystal ball, this prediction might be not well founded.
> >
> Especially in the future when sombody asks "Who the hell was he
> replying to?".

That might be a concern if the mail.python.org archive failed,
and all usenet archives fell offline.  Since the threading wasn't
broken, it's a simple matter of looking at the previous message in the
thread, as referenced in the appropriate headers:

In-Reply-To: <bf18w.682041$9R5.556154 at fx29.am4>
References: <m3q6ae$m8p$1 at news.albasani.net> <bf18w.682041$9R5.556154 at fx29.am4>

where that particular message can be found.  Any competent mailer or
news client should handle threading without the user even thinking
about it.

It might also be more of a concern if there was actual
question/answer content rather than just a little throw-away humor.


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