Converting a PHP app to Python + Django (was: Communicating with a PHP script (and pretending I'm a browser))

Ben Finney ben+python at
Wed Nov 12 18:54:45 CET 2014

Michael Torrie <torriem at> writes:

> If the shop is entire a PHP shop, and no one knows python, then
> rewriting things in Python and Django is a really bad idea.

It can be done well; see “Transitioning from PHP to Django on the sly”

The presenter emphasises that one of the more important requirements is
to convince everyone: the management, the developers, even stakeholder

> I've worked in shops before where one person comes in with a new
> language, writes some code, then leaves, leaving us stranded as it
> were.

Right. On the other hand, I've worked in shops where the big PHP code
base is seen by all as a legacy code base, and the stakeholders were
quite open to being convinced to migrate — provided a clear migration

That's what the above presentation goes into. I recommend it.

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