fileno() not supported in Python 3.1

Cameron Simpson cs at
Fri Nov 14 07:31:32 CET 2014

On 14Nov2014 13:52, Ben Finney <ben+python at> wrote:
>satishmlmlml at writes:
>> How to get file descriptor number for the following:
>> sys.stdin
>> sys.stdout
>> sys.stderr
>Why do you need this? What are you intending to do?

In fairness, who cares? It is a basic and reasonable thing to do. I did it only 
last night: I wanted to know if stderr was a tty or pipe, versus a regular 
file, as I wanted to special case some error formatting (loosely speaking, 
default automatic people-friendliness versus log file verbosity).

I know that why people want to do things is important, as they may be choosing 
the wrong approach. But the above question seems very simple and very basic: he 
seems unable to get the OS file descriptor number from the standard streams, 
and this is surprising.

I think he even started the thead with almost a transcript of the failure, and 
backed off the the above abstraction when someone complained.

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