Array of Functions

Marko Rauhamaa marko at
Fri Nov 14 23:21:13 CET 2014

Richard Riehle <rriehle at>:

> Example:
>             r1c1   r1c2  r1c3
>             r2c1   r2c2  r2c3
>             r3c1   r3c2  r3c3
> where r1 is row 1 and c1 is column 1. Suppose I want an array where the
> colum three is a set of functions that operates on the other two
> columns, depending on the values I set for those rows and columns? As
> noted, I can do this pretty easily in most languages (well, except for
> Java which does not support any kind of functional programming
> capability), even if I have to use pointers.

Show some code in, say, Scheme (which is among the most functional
programming languages in existence), and we'll see how we could
translate that into Python.


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