Decorators (was: Re: I love assert)

Tim Chase python.list at
Sat Nov 15 03:30:38 CET 2014

On 2014-11-14 18:19, Richard Riehle wrote:
> Decorators are new in Python, so there are not a lot of people
> using them. 

Um...they were introduced in 2.4 which was released in late 2004.  So
they've only been around for about (almost exactly) a decade.  Not
sure that qualifies as "new in Python".

And decorators are used pretty regularly in just about every
code-base that I've touched (I've been programming in Python since
early 2004, so I've maintained pre-2.4 code without decorators and
then brought it forward to 2.4 where decorators were usable).


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