A Freudian slip of *EPIC PROPORTIONS*!

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Sat Nov 15 21:12:22 CET 2014

On 11/15/2014 7:28 AM, Steven D'Aprano wrote:
> Terry Reedy wrote:
>> On 11/13/2014 6:11 PM, Rick Johnson wrote:
>>>       # The parse functions have no idea what to do with
>>>       # Unicode, so replace all Unicode characters with "x".
>>>       # This is "safe" so long as the only characters germane
>>>       # to parsing the structure of Python are 7-bit ASCII.
>>>       # It's *necessary* because Unicode strings don't have a
>>>       # .translate() method that supports deletechars.
>>>       uniphooey = str
>> It is customary to attribute quotes to their source.  This is from 2.x
>> Lib/idlelib/PyParse.py.  The file was committed (and probably written)
>> by David Scherer 2000-08-15.  Edits for unicode, including the above,
>> were committed (and perhaps written) by Kurt B. Kaiser on 2001-07-13.
> Correct.
> The line in question was written by Kurt. We can find this out by using
> the hg annotate command. Change into the Lib/idlelib directory of the
> source repository, then use hg annotate command as follows:
> [steve at ando idlelib]$ hg annotate PyParse.py | grep phoo
> 42050:             uniphooey = s
> 18555:             for raw in map(ord, uniphooey):
> The numbers shown on the left are the revision IDs, so look at the
> older of the two:
> [steve at ando idlelib]$ hg annotate -r 18555 PyParse.py | grep phoo
> 18555:             uniphooey = str
> 18555:             for raw in map(ord, uniphooey):
> We can confirm that prior to that revision, the uniphooey lines
> didn't exist:
> [steve at ando idlelib]$ hg annotate -r 18554 PyParse.py | grep phoo
> <no output>
> And then find out who is responsible:
> [steve at ando idlelib]$ hg annotate -uvd -r 18555 PyParse.py | grep phoo
>    Kurt B. Kaiser <kbk at shore.net> Fri Jul 13 20:33:46 2001 +0000:             uniphooey = str
>    Kurt B. Kaiser <kbk at shore.net> Fri Jul 13 20:33:46 2001 +0000:             for raw in map(ord, uniphooey):

On windows, with TortoiseHg installed, I right-clicked PyParse in 
Explorer and selected TortoiseHg on the context menu and Annotate on the 
submenu.  This pops up a Window with two linked panels --  a list of 
revisions and an annotated file listing with lines added or changed by 
the current revision marked a different background color.  I found the 
comment block easily enough, looked at the annotation, and looked back 
at the revision list.  Clicking on a revision changes the file listing. 
  On can easily march through the history of the file.

>> I doubt GvR ever saw this code.  I expect KBK has changed opinions with
>> respect to unicode in 13 years, as has most everyone else.

Including mine.

> We don't know Kurt's intention with regard to the name, the "phooey"
> could refer to:
> - the parse functions failing to understand Unicode;
> - it being a nasty hack that assumes that Python will never use
>    Unicode characters for keywords or operators;
> - it being necessary because u''.translate fails to support
>    a deletechars parameter.

I expect I would have been annoyed when a new-fangled feature,
elsewhere in Python, broke one of the files I was working on.
Now, of course, I would know to not use a variable name that
could be misinterpreted by someone years in the future.

> It's unlikely to refer to the Unicode character set itself.

Terry Jan Reedy

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