PySide 1.2.2 setMaxWidth and AeroSnap

Juan Christian juan0christian at
Sun Nov 16 19:09:46 CET 2014

On Sun Nov 16 2014 at 3:46:40 PM Vincent Vande Vyvre <
vincent.vande.vyvre at> wrote:
> No probleme with PyQt but I think this is a window manager question.
> Window, gnome, KDE, Mate, ...
> If your widget is a QMainWindow or a QDialog add a size grip:
>          self.setSizeGripEnabled(True)
> The QWidget don't have this method, so, in this case, you must
> reimplement his resizeEvent()

I changed to QMainWindow, but I don't have a function called
setSizeGripEnabled here.
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