import graphics library; causes error

ryguy7272 ryanshuell at
Sun Nov 16 21:39:32 CET 2014

These libraries drive me totally nuts.  Sorry, just had to get it out there.
Anyway, I open the cmd window, and typed this: 'easy_install python graphics'.  So, it starts up and runs/downloads the appropriate library from the web.  I get confirmation (in the cmd window) that it finishes, then I try to run this script.

from graphics import *
def main():
  # Introduction
  print "This program plots the growth of a 10-year investment."
  # Get principal and interest rate
  principal = input("Enter the initial principal: ")
  apr = input("Enter the annualized interest rate: ")
  # Create a graphics window with labels on left edge
  win = GraphWin("Investment Growth Chart", 640, 480)
  win.setCoords(-1.75,-200, 11.5, 10400)
  Text(Point(-1, 0), '0.0K').draw(win)
  Text(Point(-1, 2500), '2.5K').draw(win)
  Text(Point(-1, 5000), '5.0K').draw(win)
  Text(Point(-1, 7500), '7.5k').draw(win)
  Text(Point(-1, 10000), '10.0K').draw(win)
  # Draw bar for initial principal
  bar = Rectangle(Point(0, 0), Point(1, principal))
  # Draw a bar for each subsequent year
  for year in range(1, 11):
    principal = principal * (1 + apr)
    bar = Rectangle(Point(year, 0), Point(year+1, principal))
  raw_input("Press <Enter> to quit.")

After I hit F5, I get this:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\Ryan\Desktop\", line 2, in <module>
    from graphics import *
ImportError: No module named graphics

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