import graphics library; causes error

Steven D'Aprano steve+comp.lang.python at
Mon Nov 17 11:24:19 CET 2014

ryguy7272 wrote:

> Python is by far the most backwards type 
> of technology that I can think of.  Using it is completely
> counter-productive.  I can't take it serious. I have plenty of tools in 
> my toolbox.  I'll keep learning Python, and keep reading books, and keep
> using it...but strictly for fun.  I would never use this as a foundation
> for a mission critical business application.

Thank you for setting us right.

Would you mind dropping a note to Google, DropBox, NASA, CERN, Microsoft,
Industrial Light & Magic, Rackspace, Honeywell and Red Hat, and tell them
that based on your extensive experience (all ten minutes of it) they're
obviously doing it wrong and Python is a toy language not suitable for
critical business apps?

I'm sure that they will be grateful to be set right.


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