Trouble getting full response content from PATCH request

Cameron Simpson cs at
Wed Nov 19 04:08:46 CET 2014

On 17Nov2014 20:26, John Gordon <gordon at> wrote:
>I'm working with a third-party API and I'm seeing some behavior that I
>can't explain.
>The API uses the HTTP PATCH operation to set user passwords, and in
>case of unacceptable passwords, the response is supposed to be an HTML
>document containing a diagnostic message in the <body> tag.
>When I submit my test data via a functional testing tool (SoapUI), it
>behaves as expected.
>However, when I submit test data from Python code, the response content
>consists only of the diagnostic message, with no enclosing <html> or <body>

You need a "SOAPAction: " HTTP header with SOAP requests. It may be that 

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