about suds and soap and parameters.

JustSomeGuy brian.obrien at calgaryscientific.com
Thu Nov 20 02:37:30 CET 2014

I'm trying to call a soap method with suds.
The parameter however is not straight forward.

queryContent (
    xs:string mpiId, 
    tmPidAndIssuer[] idsAndIssuers, 
    tmPersonName name, 
    xs:string patientAge, 
    tmAccessionNumberAndIssuer accNumAndIssuer, 
    xs:string studyUID,
    xs:string studyID, 
    tmDateRange studyDateRange, 
    xs:string studyDescription, 
    xs:string[] modalities, 
    xs:string stmo, 
    xs:string folderName, 
    xs:string folderDescription, 
    tmDateRange folderDateRange, 
    xs:string[] labels

What are these xs: ?
there seems to be other other types defined here that I'm not sure what they are.



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