about suds and soap and parameters.

dieter dieter at handshake.de
Thu Nov 20 07:50:30 CET 2014

JustSomeGuy <brian.obrien at calgaryscientific.com> writes:

> I'm trying to call a soap method with suds.
> The parameter however is not straight forward.
> queryContent (
>     xs:string mpiId, 
>     tmPidAndIssuer[] idsAndIssuers, 
>     tmPersonName name, 
>     xs:string patientAge, 
>     tmAccessionNumberAndIssuer accNumAndIssuer, 
>     xs:string studyUID,
>     xs:string studyID, 
>     tmDateRange studyDateRange, 
>     xs:string studyDescription, 
>     xs:string[] modalities, 
>     xs:string stmo, 
>     xs:string folderName, 
>     xs:string folderDescription, 
>     tmDateRange folderDateRange, 
>     xs:string[] labels
> )
> What are these xs: ?

Likely, "xs" stands for "Xml-Schema" and then would refer to
the XML-Schema standard datatypes.

In general, "suds" shows you type information in the
form "[<namespace prefix>:]<type name>". It uses the information
from the WSDL description. The prefix itself is without semantic
meaning; it is just a shorthand for an "uri" which ideally
points to some relevant definitions. The WSDL will have
information for this "prefix -> uri" mapping. You will
need to look there, in order to determine precisely, what
the prefix means.

If "<namespace prefix>" is missing, then the type is locally
defined. You should find its definition in the WSDL (or
included resources).

> there seems to be other other types defined here that I'm not sure what they are.

Look at the WSDL defintions.

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