pack circles into a partial annulus

Cousin Stanley cousinstanley at
Thu Nov 20 17:10:03 CET 2014

> I need to pack circles into a partial annulus ie part of a larger circle
> bounded by two radii and angles of  say 18 & 90. 

  You might take a look at Descartes Circle Theorem ....'_theorem

  Blub from google search ....

    In geometry, Descartes' theorem states that 
    for every four kissing, or mutually tangent, circles, 
    the radii of the circles satisfy a certain quadratic equation. 

    By solving this equation, one can construct a fourth circle 
    tangent to three given, mutually tangent circles.

  There is a screen saver in Debian Linux
  named Apollonian that uses this algorihm
  packing smaller circles into a larger circle ....

  The C source code for this screen saver 
  is available under Debian ....

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