Using Python for date calculations

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> On Fri, Nov 21, 2014, at 05:33, alister wrote:
>> the problem with input is code-injection which is very similar to sql
>> injection (httpd://
>> the data entered by the user is processed as if it was python code,
>> this means the user could enter a command (or sequence of commands)
>> that cause serious problems to you computer including but not limited
>> to:-
> Except standard input for interactive programs is rarely across a
> privilege boundary. The user can accomplish any of these far more easily
> by entering a command into their shell. (Well, more easily depending on
> which is better able to use the API for their central heating, but the
> others certainly).
> There are good reasons to avoid it (user is likely to be surprised by
> weird error messages, causing a crash due to a typo), but this kind of
> paranoia is the same as has people in some circles refusing to use
> strlcpy or fgets because they can cause silent truncation.

If the program in question is purely for personal use then indeed it is 
not important, as you say I can just as easily stuff my computer without 
needing to play silly b******s with a python script.

It is if the program is ever going to be used by others (or possibly 
worse running on something like a web server exposed to the public 
internet) that needs paranoia.
my own personal opinion is that it is best to get into good habits even 
with personal use "Quick & Dirty" scripts, you never know how they could 

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