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>>> This Python script does it for me.
>>> year = input("Year: ")
>>> age = input("Age: ")
>>> born = year-age
>>> print 'Year of birth:', born
>>> It's so simple, so elementary, that it's not really worth writing about,
>>> except for the fact that it illustrates the KISS principle.
>> 	And it is wrong since it doesn't take into account the month.
>> 	2014 - 55 => 1959
>> 	But I was born in April of 1958, so any calculation done for
>> January/February/March (and the first week of April) is going to produce
>> the incorrect year (I /was/ 55 in January of 2014...)
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>Have a read of:

Except that most of those examples seem to assume that you are calculating
from the current date, rather than the date of a census or the date of a
burial. Useful for future reference, perhaps, but not for the immediate
purpose of getting a rough idea of whan a person might have been born (people
also lied about their age on censuses). 

There's a date calculator in my Legacy genealogy program, which is doubtless
more accurate, but it takes too many mouse clicks to get there, and then to
get back to where I was.

I've got another nifty little utility called RJT Datecalc, which does the more
accurate stuff, but still has too many options and is too time-consuming. 

What I'm beginning to like Python for is the ability to do quick 'n dirty
little scripts for quick 'n dirty little jobs that save time and do what I

For example, I see the age of someone in a UK census, and I want to know
roughly which years I should look for their birth in something like FreeBMD.
If it says 1847, obviously I'll look for a couple of years either side because
chances are they were born in the previous year, and the age might not have
been accurate anyway. 

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