python 2.7 and unicode (one more time)

wxjmfauth at wxjmfauth at
Sat Nov 22 16:44:19 CET 2014

Le samedi 22 novembre 2014 15:18:43 UTC+1, Marko Rauhamaa a écrit :
> To me, repeating the word Unicode everywhere ...

When I read the PEP393 (?) Flexible String Representation
(and I re-read it many times) I noticed these brave people
were not able to discuss Unicode with a correct unicode

Other curiosities:
- I had once to inform a French py dev with commit access,
one can not write French with Latin-1 !
- By chance, I found on the web a German py dev who
was commenting and he had not an updated "DUDEN" (a
German dictionnary).

+ plenty of goodies like these.

And it continues ...


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