Recurring Task

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>>Hi All
>>Looking for some advice. I'm creating a small netwok poller and wondered what people recommend to use? Will be polling up to 100 hosts every ten reconds or so
>         Trickiest part would be maintaining the time-ordered queue (has Python
> created a priority queue yet? -- Ah, apparently it has -- so one could use
> the desired clock value for the priority, and when the thread finishes it
> requeues incrementing the clock value by the rescan interval... -- you'd
> need to implement a sleep_until if the thread grabs an entry before its
> time)

The standard library way:
Here's another way - a class I ported from Java:

The Fibonacci Heap is theoretically nice because it's lazy and
supports some interesting operations like O(1) merge and O(1)
decrease-key, but it has a large constant on its O(logn) dequeue-min.

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