python 2.7 and unicode (one more time)

random832 at random832 at
Mon Nov 24 06:05:06 CET 2014

On Sun, Nov 23, 2014, at 15:31, Dave Angel wrote:
> I didn't realize Windows shell (DOS box) had that bug.  Course I don't 
> use Windows much the last few years.
> it's one thing to not display it properly.  It's quite another to supply 
> faulty data to the clipboard.  Especially since the Windows clipboard 
> has a separate Unicode type available.

It's because console bitmap fonts almost always (always?) only have one
codepage's worth of characters, and it's considered better to display A
for U+0100 than a blank space, and the clipboard has always been a bit
of an afterthought for the windows console. Meanwhile, a truetype font
is considered likely to have real glyphs for most characters a user
would want to display, so no conversion is done. And there's no font
rendering routine for bitmap fonts that will allow for dynamic
substitution of glyphs, so it becomes a real A (or whatever) in the
console buffer itself - this isn't a conversion done at clipboard-copy

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