A good Soap Client

Cameron Simpson cs at zip.com.au
Tue Nov 25 00:58:02 CET 2014

On 24Nov2014 10:46, Filadelfo Fiamma <philosganga at gmail.com> wrote:
>My question is about Soap Client for python.
>Since 2011 I'm using the very good "Suds" library for consuming simple soap
>Now I need something for "SOAP over HTTPS", Does anyone know a good
>solution? May I use suds and write an envelope for HTTPS?

I wrote a daemon that uses SUDS. It just gets the endpoint URL from the WSDL 
file, and if that happens to be HTTPS, it uses HTTPS. I didn't have to do 
anything special for this. I did have to do some hacking to run HTTPS through a 
proxy, but that was more a urllib issue than a SUDS issue and hopefully 
irrelevant for you.

In short, it should Just Work.

Have you got some example code that illustrates it not working?

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