PyPI auth issues (Server response (401): basic auth failed)

dieter dieter at
Wed Nov 26 08:01:51 CET 2014

Ricardo Bánffy <rbanffy at> writes:
> I must be doing something wrong, but I (and the clever folks at the #python
> channel) can't figure what.
> ...
> Registering Appengine-Fixture-Loader to
> Server response (401): basic auth failed
> So, what am I doing wrong?

I find it strange that it says "http://pypi..." rather
than "https://pypi...". The entries in your ".pypirc" have been
for "https://pypi...".

The login entries in my ".pypirc" are in the section "[server-login]"
(although, this is likely the easy case with only the production
"PyPI" site).

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