Burak Arslan burak.arslan at arskom.com.tr
Thu Nov 27 18:56:57 CET 2014

On 11/26/14 08:53, dieter wrote:
> Burak Arslan <burak.arslan at arskom.com.tr> writes:
>> We've gone through the grunt work of researching and integrating
>> XMLDSIG, XAdES and UBL schemas and its various extensions and
>> dependencies and wrote a bunch of scripts that map these documents to
>> python objects.
> In this context, I would like to mention "PyXB"
> ("https://pypi.python.org/pypi/PyXB"). It is a general mapper
> for XML-Schema.

Well, Spyne is a general-purpose object mapper. It maps python objects
to xml documents and back using a given xml schema as well as to json,
yaml, etc. etc. and also to relational databases (via sqlalchemy).

I didn't know PyXB and I'm sure its way better than Spyne at parsing
esoteric Xml Schema documents, but in this case Spyne seems to be doing
a good enough job.


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