Suds Python 2.4.3 Proxy

Jerry Rocteur jerry.rocteur at
Sat Nov 29 16:01:33 CET 2014


I posted this on the soap list but didn`t get a reply so I was hoping
perhaps someone from this list could help me.

I got my SOAP script working to GlobalSign, thanks to the help from
Dieter and I can now download certificates with the script.

I was running on Python 2.7 and it works great there but now I have to
deploy the script on some Redhat workstations running python 2.4.3
(which I am not allowed to upgrade)

When I create my client in my script I do it like this:

url = ''
proxy = {'https': proxylog + ":" + proxypass + ''}
globalClient = Client(url, proxy=proxy)

This works GREAT on 2.7 but when I run it on 2.4 I get:

  File "/usr/lib64/python2.4/", line 580, in proxy_open
    if '@' in host:
TypeError: iterable argument required

I'm Googling it and I can see there are other ways to connect but
can't seem to get the syntax.

Can anyone  help.

Thanks in advance,

Jerry Rocteur

Jerry at

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