Python 3.4.1 installer on Mac links Python to old Tcl/Tk

Kevin Walzer kw at
Wed Oct 1 15:13:08 CEST 2014

On 10/1/14, 7:51 AM, Peter Tomcsanyi wrote:
> "Ned Deily" <nad at> wrote in message
> news:nad-D2DDCB.14070824062014 at
>> The easiest option would be a downloadable package that would allow the
>> default 8.5-linked _tkinter to be overridden with an 8.6
>> version.  There may be some news on that front in the near future.
> It's October...
> So I tried Python 3.4.2rc1 and it seems that it still links to Tk 8.5 on
> Mac.
> Does it mean that there is no plan to link to Tk 8.6 in Python 3.4.2 on
> Mac?
> Or is there something that can override 8.5 to 8.6 as you wrote?

The solution here is to build Python and Tcl/Tk yourself, in the 
versions you want, and then things should work just fine.

Kevin Walzer
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