Python 3.4.1 installer on Mac links Python to old Tcl/Tk

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Thu Oct 2 13:23:08 CEST 2014

Thanks again for quick and informative reply.

"Ned Deily" <nad at> wrote in message 
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> The 3.4.x series of installers will likely never change from
> linking with Tk 8.5 by default.  That would break a number of important
> third-party Python packages that supply binary distributions built for
> the OS X pythons, like matplotlib.

I respect your decision.
But it surprises me because the Windows version of Python 3.4.1 already 
comes with Tcl/Tk 8.6. Does it mean that there are no such problems with 
matplotlib etc. in Windows?
I think that one of the point when advertising Python is that it works 
accross the platforms, so keeping one platform (mac) "behind" for months 
seems to me going against the multiplatform promise of Python...

> File an update request for the tcl and tk ports on the MacPorts tracker.
> The project is usually very responsive to such requests.

Thanks for the suggestion, I was considering asking them, but I did not know 
what is the best place/best way to do it.

> Note that ActiveState hasn't yet released their versions of 8.6.2.

I know, I am waching their Web page, too.

> As Kevin Walzer points out, you *can* also build your own.
I know. But *can* is quite subjective.
Being a Windows-only user and programmer for a (too) long time, the idea 
that the end-user should compile something from sources is very 
unconfortable to me. So many things can go wrong it the process when working 
with toolchains that I am not familiar with.

> Sorry for the delay!

You do not need to appologize, I understand that it is extra work and that 
you did not promise it for sure.

Best regards


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