Programming for Everybody (Python)

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Thu Oct 2 21:24:34 CEST 2014

Starts in 3 days

About the Course
This course is specifically designed to be a first programming course
using the popular Python programming language.  The pace of the course
is designed to lead to mastery of each of the topics in the class.  We
will use simple data analysis as the programming exercises through the
course.    Understanding how to process data is valuable for everyone
regardless of your career.  This course might kindle an interest in
more advanced programming courses or courses in web design and
development or just provide skills when you are faced with a bunch of
data that you need to analyze. You can do the programming assignments
for the class using a web browser or using your personal computer. All
required software for the course is free. 
Course Syllabus
Week One: Introduction - Why we program?  
Week Two: Variables and Expressions
Week Three: Conditional code
Week Four: Functions
Week Five: Loops and Iteration
Week Six: Strings
Week Seven: Files
Week Eight: Lists
Week Nine: Dictionaries
Week Ten: Tuples
Optional Topic: Regular Expressions

and.........a free book.

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