How to show a dictionary sorted on a value within its data?

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>> > It throws me because 'lambda' simply has no meaning whatsoever for me,
>> > i.e. it's just a greek letter.
>> >
>> > So from my point of view it's like seeing 'epsilon' stuck in the
>> > middle of some code. 
>> >
>> > It's not as if I'm new to programming either, I've been writing
>> > software professionally since the early 1970s, now retired.
>> The use of "lamba" as a keyword to define an anonymous function is
>> borrowed from Lisp which got it from Lambda calculus.
> Ah, so at least there is a reason for it, I'm far from being a
> mathematician though so it's not particularly obvious (for me
> anyway).

We EE types did get complex number notation using "j" which the
mathematicians find not particularly obvious.

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