Programming for Everybody (Python)

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I recommend to everyone. Already took one of his courses on Coursera and
he's amazing as a teacher.

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> Starts in 3 days
> About the Course
> This course is specifically designed to be a first programming course
> using the popular Python programming language.  The pace of the course
> is designed to lead to mastery of each of the topics in the class.  We
> will use simple data analysis as the programming exercises through the
> course.    Understanding how to process data is valuable for everyone
> regardless of your career.  This course might kindle an interest in
> more advanced programming courses or courses in web design and
> development or just provide skills when you are faced with a bunch of
> data that you need to analyze. You can do the programming assignments
> for the class using a web browser or using your personal computer. All
> required software for the course is free.
> Course Syllabus
> Week One: Introduction - Why we program?
> Week Two: Variables and Expressions
> Week Three: Conditional code
> Week Four: Functions
> Week Five: Loops and Iteration
> Week Six: Strings
> Week Seven: Files
> Week Eight: Lists
> Week Nine: Dictionaries
> Week Ten: Tuples
> Optional Topic: Regular Expressions
> and.........a free book.
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