Function passed as an argument returns none

Rustom Mody rustompmody at
Fri Oct 3 03:49:13 CEST 2014

On Friday, October 3, 2014 5:41:12 AM UTC+5:30, Steven D'Aprano wrote:

> [Rustom]
> > Right and the OP subject as well as post are essentially that conflation:
> [allegedly Steven]
> >> Any idea why 'None' is getting passed even though calling the donuts(4)
> >> alone returns the expected value?

> I didn't write that. I don't know who you are quoting, but it isn't me.

Are you for real Steven??

Ok so there is no conventional attribution line because it was
cut-pasted from elsewhere in the thread but there is a clear
and unequivocal prefix of "OP subject as well as post".

Why/how should there be any ambiguity that that is Shiva??

Since you are merrily throwing around mis-attribution charges please explain the logic by which "Steven" == "OP"

Or are not aware OP means 'original post(er)'?

Likewise all the below '[allegedly Steven]s'...

> [Rustom]
> > And further if you consider that the explanations have aided, here's the
> > most recent 'conclusion':
> [allegedly Steven]
> >> * return 'Number of donuts: ',count    returns a tuple like:
> >> ('Number of donuts: ',9)

> And again, despite you attributing this to me, I did not write that.

> [allegedly Steven]
> >> * To just print the string without returning it as tuple , use string
> >> formatting.
> [Rustom]
> > You find this understanding satisfactory??

> And that's the third time in one post that you have attributed something
> written by somebody else to me.

> Rustom, I don't consider this blatant misattribution of other people's words
> to me is acceptable behaviour.

And what kind of conversation is it if I ask you

> > You find this understanding satisfactory??

as a question ABOUT you?

How you are able to confuse a question addressed TO you into a question
ABOUT you is beyond me.

Did you run out of your morning coffee or somethin?

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