How donwnload youtube videos?

Steven D'Aprano steve+comp.lang.python at
Sun Oct 5 12:28:49 CEST 2014

Dymond Simon wrote:

> Hi guys ..
> Uhm, ı have to download youtube videos ı was tried urlretrive but doesn't
> work ı have no idea that's why.So there is my question, "we cant donwload
> youtube videos directly ? ".

"Doesn't work". Could you be more specific? Although some of us are very
smart, or at least like to think we are very smart, none of us can read
your mind. There could easily be a dozen or more reasons why it "doesn't

- Your disk is full and you can't save the downloaded video.
- You're trying to save to a folder that doesn't exist.
- Or one that you don't have permission to write to.
- Or to read-only media.
- Or your hard drive has developed a fault.
- Youtube is down.
- Youtube is blocked on your network.
- You have a virus which is redirecting http:/// to 
  somewhere else.
- Somebody accidentally unplugged the network cable.
- Your ISP is having routing difficulties.
- You accidentally got the URL wrong and are trying to download
- Youtube is blocking your IP address.
- Youtube is blocking your user-agent.
- You don't understand the process for getting the URL of the
  actual video file.
- You don't have Python installed.
- Your script is buggy.
- Or you simply forgot to press Enter and the script is just 
  sitting there, waiting.


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