Python 3.4.1 on W2K?

Pal Acreide palacreide-general at
Mon Oct 6 02:04:04 CEST 2014

Hi, I'm a lurker here and enjoy the back-and-forth, especially among the experts among you.

My question is this: I have Python 3.4.1 installed on 64-bit Win 7 Home Premium, and on 32-bit Win 7 Pro  running on a virtual machine (Oracle VirtualBox). Now I'm trying to install it on Windows 2000 Pro also running under VBox. However, at some point near the end of the Python installation I get an error message to the effect that a program required for Win Installer is missing and the installation aborts. I'm running W2K SP4 + (undocumented) SP5.1.

I guess it comes down to: Can Python 3.4.1 be installed on W2K?

BTW, the reason I run VBox is that I belong to a group of diehard users of the classic DOS word-processor XyWrite. I've devised a way to use Python as an extension of XyWrite's built-in Programming Language (XPL):

Although it works well on virtual Win 7 Pro, I'd like to get it going in W2K if possible.


Pal A.
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