Python 2.76

Chris Angelico rosuav at
Mon Oct 6 16:25:32 CEST 2014

On Tue, Oct 7, 2014 at 12:52 AM, Sas Parmar
<Sas.Parmar at> wrote:
> I am working on a project at Service Birmingham to migrate our applications
> from Windows Server 2003 over to Windows Server 2008 R2
> Can you confirm if Python 2.76 is compatible with Server 2008 R2?
> If not can you confirm if any changes can be made to make it work on Server
> 2008 R2 (ie. Version updates or configuration changes)

It should be fully supported. However, unless you have a particular
reason for using 2.7.6 (it's normally written in three parts, by the
way), you'll probably want to use the latest bug-fix release, 2.7.8;
there've been a number of bugs fixed, including some SSL improvements.
Where do you normally download Python from? There are a number of
different sources, and some of them may offer different promises of
support (ActiveState, for instance, supports some older versions of
Python), but this is the primary place to get the official installers:


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