Python 3.4.1 on W2K?

Carl Distefano cldistefano at
Tue Oct 7 19:04:58 CEST 2014

Tim G.:
> Of course, if you're happy to work with a slightly older
> version of Python, such as 3.2, then you should be fine.

 I just installed 3.2.5 in W2K and all of my "stuff" seems to work. I'm a
 happy camper. Many thanks for the information and link!

> Wow. I wonder, since you're already poking around with
> extremely legacy stuff, would it be easier for you to use OS/2
> instead of Win2K? Paul Smedley still produces OS/2 builds of
> Python, and OS/2 itself runs happily under VirtualBox (we have
> an OS/2 VM still on our network here, and I use Python to
> manage its backups). Might not end up any better than your
> current system, but it might be!

 actually an interesting idea. OS/2 was our OS of choice in the '90s. 
XyWrite ran beautifully under it, and when we needed extensions to the 
XyWrite Programming Language (XPL) we used Rexx ("RexXPL"). Since last 
year I've been using Python instead ("XPyL"). The fact is, though, most 
XyWriters are running XyWrite under Windows, except for the few running 
it under Linux. Much of our script development since then has focused on
 integrating Xy with Windows, so to revert to OS/2 would be swimming 
against the tide. But I may just try it anyway!

Thanks, guys.
Pal A.
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