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Wed Oct 8 01:21:10 CEST 2014

On Wed, Oct 8, 2014 at 10:12 AM, Seymore4Head
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> I never really cared enough to ask anyone, but something like my cable
> bill is 98$ a month.  Do companies (in general) consider a month every
> 30 days or every time the 14th comes around?
> I did rent a car once during a time change and I only got to keep the
> car 23 hours.
> As another side note I have had drug prescripts that were 28 days was
> considered a month supply.  The would be 4 weeks instead of one month.

I'm not sure how this connects to Python, but I'll assume for now
you're trying to do something up as a script and just haven't told us
that bit...

With periodic recurring charges, it's common for "month" to mean
"calendar month", resetting every Nth of the month (often 1st, but any
day works). If your mobile data plan costs $35/month and allows you
7GB/month throughput, both those figures will be per calendar month.
For the rest, it depends on what the company's doing. Presumably drug
prescriptions are primarily done on a weekly basis; car rentals will
be on a daily basis. They're not going to say "cars have to be
returned by 8AM, except during DST when they must be returned by 9AM",
because that's just messy; so one day a year, you get an extra hour,
and one day a year, you lose an hour.

If you tell us what the code is you're trying to work on, we might be
able to advise more usefully.


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