Hi Guys... Reading XML using Jython code

Venugopal Reddy venugopal.reddy at tspl.com
Thu Oct 9 14:30:21 CEST 2014

Am new to python and Jython...

Kindly help me on My issue please !

My Issue is:

XML parsing using Jython..

I am sucessfully reading XML file using xml.etree.ElementTree package .. 
But I have a issue in below scenario . this scenario my code is not working.

In my XML file , One main node is there and Multiple child tags are there. But In Child tags , same name repeated twice (like <subject> tag repeated twice)

This scenario , this package can not read .. 

How can I read very first come tag (means it should read first come <subject> node value only .leave the second come <subject> node value)

Please help me on this....

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