Python Basics

Tobiah toby at
Thu Oct 9 20:26:32 CEST 2014

>> for i in range(1,10):
>>      print (str(i)*i)
> Seymour, please don't do this. When you "help" someone by just giving
> him the answer to a homework problem, you get him past his immediate
> issue of "I need to submit my homework for this problem". That lets
> him get through his course without understanding the code he's
> creating (because he's not the one creating it). He'll either run into
> more trouble before graduating the course, or (far worse) he'll
> graduate successfully, without having the competence that the course
> is supposed to teach - and the world will be given a qualified
> programmer who doesn't know his stuff. That damages the world, damages
> the reputation of the course, and gives python-list a reputation as a
> homework assignment solver... none of which I want. I'm pretty sure
> you don't want it either.
> So don't do people's homework for them. PLEASE!!

Wow.  How do you react when someone does something that's
actually harmful?  I don't think you'd have the words! :)

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