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Fri Oct 10 16:28:40 CEST 2014

On Friday, October 10, 2014 7:54:33 PM UTC+5:30, Rustom Mody wrote:
> More telling comments from Alex (same SO post)
> 1. Both have mostly useless default implementations
> 2. if you override __repr__, that's ALSO used for __str__, but not vice versa
> 3. despite the words on the subject found in typical docs, hardly
>    anybody bothers making the __repr__ of objects be a string that
>    eval may use to build an equal object (it's just too hard, AND not
>    knowing how the relevant module was actually imported makes it
>    actually flat out impossible).

> If you dont find all this confusing, I am reminded of Schrödinger (or
> one of his ilk):

> If you dont find Quantum physics confusing you've not begun to understand it

Ok: Not Schrödinger but John Wheeler:

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