[OT] spelling colour / color was Re: Toggle

Marko Rauhamaa marko at pacujo.net
Fri Oct 10 21:01:58 CEST 2014

alister <alister.nospam.ware at ntlworld.com>:

> On Thu, 09 Oct 2014 23:48:36 +0300, Marko Rauhamaa wrote:
>> "-ize" is standard everywhere in the English-speaking world.
> Not in England!

<URL: http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/realize>

Both -ize and -ise are valid in England.

>> why wouldn't you use American English instead of your native variant
>> of English?
> Because I am English, I use English English

How can you expect the French to use English if you are not willing to
make the token gesture of using American spelling in the names of your


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