Python and sqlite versions

Simmo steve at
Fri Oct 10 21:18:07 CEST 2014

On 10/10/2014 20:02, Zachary Ware wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> On Fri, Oct 10, 2014 at 1:13 PM, Simmo <steve at> wrote:
>> First off, this is my first attempt to post via Thunderbird newsgroup, so
>> apologies (and please let me know) if it doesn't arrive in good shape.
> Looks fine to me :)
Thank you ;-)
>> I'm just starting to get to grips with using a database (sqlite) and I've
>> run into some confusion as to how Python 'ties in' to sqlite.
> How Python links with SQLite depends on several things, most
> importantly which platform you're on.
>> First step in the tutorial is to import sqlite3 and display sqlite3.version
>> and sqlite3.sqlite_version.  Output below...
>>>>> sqlite3.version
>> '2.6.0'
>>>>> sqlite3.sqlite_version
>> '3.7.12'
>> Next step is to run up sqlite.  Output below...
>> SQLite version 3.8.6 2014-08-15 11:46:33
>> Enter ".help" for usage hints.
>> So, I have a disparity between installed sqlite and the Python sqlite
>> library.  Do I need to find a 3.7.12 version of sqlite and , if so, where
>> might I find it or can I change the Python library for the later version?
> There aren't a huge number of differences between various versions of
> SQLite3 and fewer that you're likely to run into anyway, especially
> just starting out.  You should be fine just using what you've got,
> just keep the fact that you're running different versions in the back
> of your mind if you come across differences that don't make any sense.
> It may be possible to change the version that Python uses, but again
> it depends on your platform and possibly your version of Python
> (sqlite3.version has been the same from Python 2.6 to 3.5).
Thanks for this too.  I'll plough on and deal with exceptions as they 
come.  For the record, I'm on Windows 7


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