Parsing Python dictionary with multiple objects

Anurag Patibandla anuragpatibandla7 at
Wed Oct 15 05:40:40 CEST 2014

Thanks for the response.
Here is the code that I have tried.

from operator import itemgetter
keys = json.keys()
order = list(keys)
q1 = int(round(len(keys)*0.2))
q2 = int(round(len(keys)*0.3))
q3 = int(round(len(keys)*0.5))
b = [q1,q2,q3]
for i in b:
    queues = order[n:n+i]
    n = n+i
    print queues
    for j in range(len(queues)):
        q = (queues[j], json.get(queues[j]))
        print q

By this I am able to get the 3 smaller dicts I want, but can you help me assign them to 3 variables?
The dicts need not be ordered but it would be better if they are ordered.


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