Help in using grako for parsing

varun7rs at varun7rs at
Fri Oct 17 10:33:53 CEST 2014

I am trying to parse a file which ahs the below content. I tried using the split function but that wasn't a good programming practice. I had to use it repeatedly to split the line and then read my data. I thought of doing it in a better way which is when I came across grako. But I have no idea whatsoever about the usage of grako in a script. It would be nice if any of you could help me understand the usage of grako. I need to extract the values beside the variables z, f and x. The numbers represent the request ID, virtualNode ID and physical nodeID for x and it varies a bit for f,

Thanks a lot

z_0                  1.000000
x_0_0_1              1.000000
x_0_1_5              1.000000
x_0_2_20             1.000000
x_0_3_21             1.000000
x_0_4_8              1.000000
f_0_0(0,1)_(1,5)     1.000000
f_0_1(1,2)_(5,9)     1.000000
f_0_1(1,2)_(9,20)    1.000000
f_0_2(2,3)_(2,21)    1.000000
f_0_2(3,2)_(2,22)    1.000000
f_0_2(2,3)_(20,22)   1.000000
f_0_3(4,3)_(8,10)    1.000000
f_0_3(3,4)_(0,10)    1.000000
f_0_3(4,3)_(0,14)    1.000000
f_0_3(4,3)_(14,21)   1.000000
z_1                  1.000000
x_1_0_16             1.000000
x_1_1_6              1.000000
x_1_2_13             1.000000
x_1_3_0              1.000000
x_1_4_25             1.000000
x_1_5_15             1.000000
x_1_6_19             1.000000
f_1_0(1,0)_(6,16)    1.000000
f_1_1(0,2)_(6,11)    1.000000
f_1_1(0,2)_(11,13)   1.000000
f_1_1(2,0)_(6,16)    1.000000
f_1_2(3,1)_(0,6)     1.000000
f_1_3(2,4)_(13,25)   1.000000
f_1_4(5,4)_(15,25)   1.000000
f_1_5(3,6)_(0,1)     1.000000
f_1_5(3,6)_(1,18)    1.000000
f_1_5(3,6)_(18,19)   1.000000

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