Women's Rights in Islam

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Women's Rights in Islam

Islam is the sole religion that gave women her rights, these are so many and recorded in the Quran verses and the traditional sayings of the prophet, these rights are condensed in points here as holy texts, if all written, will take many pages.

Equality between man and women

      Islam acquits Eve from the original Sin which lived through generation and women have to bear it. In Quran God has remitted this sin the moment it was committed.  

      Women have the same spiritual status as men in the eye of God.


Female Embryo's rights

      A female embryo, like a male embryo, should be guarded against hereditary disease.

Females' rights in infantry 

      While in other religions the birth of a female is not always welcome, the birth of a female is celebrated in Islam.

      Females like males should be given beautiful names.

      Females like males are to be given love while still children without any preference of one sex over another as stated in the prophet's hadith.

      Islam is against denigrating females in any way especially killing them during their infantry- an old custom practiced by the pagan Arabs. 

Rights of Females over Parents 

      Females are to receive the due care and be brought up in the best way( God's reward for this is shielding parents against the  hellfire and raising their ranks high up to that of the prophet as stated in the hadiths). Even Female slaves are to be taught, this is doubly rewarded by God.

      Teaching females is mandatory in Islam.

      A female(married or unmarried) has the right to inherit her father, mother, husband , her children, sisters and daughters( Note that Females in Judeo-Christianity inherit only from their parents in case no brothers are found) 

      A female is not to be killed in wars.

      A female chastity is to be given high care.

      Parents should not favor sons over daughters

      A woman has the right to argue with men even with the prophet himself.

      Women are equal to men as stated in the hadith" Women are sisters to men."

      A woman, just like a man, can give someone the right of refuge and security among the Muslims.

Rights of Wives

      A female has the right to choose her husband.

      A wife has the right to manage her property and the husband should not take any of her property.

      A wife is not responsible for spending on her family, it is not allowed for a husband to take a penny from her property.


      A wife has the full right to her dowry ( The husband is not to take any  from it )

      A wife can divorce herself if she doesn't like her husband.

      A husband is responsible for feeding, dwelling, taking the utmost care of his wife to the extent that raising a piece of bread to a wife's mouth will be rewarded by God)

      A wife should be given her full right in bed and even such an act is rewarded by God because the husband and the wife are sinners if they commit adultery.

      During menses, contrary to the holy Book, a woman can live among her family members and whoever touches her remains clean.

      The best among the Muslims are those who are good to their wives.

As a Mother

      To show how important is the obedience of mothers the prophet says "paradise is under the feet of mothers."

      Though both the father and the mother are to be given the utmost care, a mother should be always at the top priority.

      Mothers  should always be given due care from her children

      A son must not prefer his wife to his mother under any circumstances.

      A Muslim should ask for his parent permission before joining the Muslim army, which is engaged in fighting.

      Caring about parents is more preferred to fighting in the cause of God, if they are old and need care.

      A mother, like father, is to be given the utmost care and be obeyed even if she is not a Muslim.

The rights of the divorced woman in Islam

      The Faith of Islam has ordained certain financial and social obligations in the event of divorce, so as to discourage people from resorting to it.

      Islam ordains that when a man divorces his wife, he must pay her the delayed dowry agreed upon in the marriage contract, in addition to the expense of her maintenance of food, drink and living quarters for a certain period of time, known as the " iddat ".

      The custody of the children is granted to the mother until they grow up. In the event of her death or inability to look after her children, the custody of her children is granted to her relations.

      The husband is legally and religiously charged with his children's financial maintenance, and for wet nurses to breast feed them even if their mother breast feeds them herself, as is stated in the following Quranic verse "And if they suckle your (offspring) give them their recompense "[1][12]

Rights of a widow

       The whole of the Islamic society is responsible for financing her.

      Widows are protected in Islam from their in-laws, but are forced and not protected in the Bible's NT and OT

As a widow

      Allah (Glory be to Him) says in a Divine Hadith: "I only accept Salah from those who do it humbly to My Glory those who spend the day in mentioning me, and takes care of widows, the needy, and the wayfarer."

Dead mothers

      Her children are to ask Allah for remitting her sins and ask Allah to have mercy on her.

      Her children are to honor her relatives and friends.

      Children can do righteous acts for them ( optional)

      After one's mother dies, it is Sunnah to fulfill any vows that she had made, and to give charity and perform Hajj and 'Umrah on her behalf.

      After she dies, it is also Sunnah to honour her by maintaining ties with those whom she used to keep in touch with, such as her relatives and friends.


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