Py2App - Could not import Tkinter error from resulting app

Noble Bell noblebell at
Tue Oct 21 15:20:16 CEST 2014

On Monday, October 20, 2014 11:07:51 PM UTC-5, Terry Reedy wrote:
> tkinter imports _tkinter
> _tkinter connects with tclx.dll and tkx.dll (x is variable)
> So one possibility is no accessible tcl/tx.  I have no idea how py2app 
> is supposed to handle this on your undisclosed system.
> -- 
> Terry Jan Reedy

Thanks for the reply. I am using a Mac.
The problem turns out that for some reason when I installed the py2app utility it got installed under python 2.7 instead of python 3, which I am using, and that caused it to create the bundle under 2.x instead of 3.x. The result was it was trying to use python 2.x instead of 3.x syntax.

I realized this problem shortly after I posted the question and tried to go back to google groups and delete my post before anyone had seen it.


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