I am out of trial and error again Lists

alex23 wuwei23 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 23 03:37:27 CEST 2014

On 23/10/2014 10:02 AM, Seymore4Head wrote:
> On Thu, 23 Oct 2014 00:44:01 +0100, Mark Lawrence
> <breamoreboy at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
>>>>> One more question.
>>>>> if y in str(range(10)
>>>>> Why doesn't that work.
>> I suggest you try str(range(10)) from the interactive prompt and see
>> exactly what you get, as it's nothing like what you expect :)
> I see that now.  So there may not be a short hand solution.

There are two 'short hand solutions' to do what you want here:

     import string

     if y in string.digits:

Or even simpler:

     if y.isdigit():

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