I am out of trial and error again Lists

giacomo boffi pecore at pascolo.net
Thu Oct 23 16:40:22 CEST 2014

Seymore4Head <Seymore4Head at Hotmail.invalid> writes:

> Because most of the practice I am getting is not using Python.  I
> use Codeskulptor.


it's been months that you're struggling with python, if you happen to
own a computer could you please take the time to install python on it
and familiarise with the interactive interpreter?  I'll see that as a
personal favor. If you have to hand in assignments using codeskulptor
or are in any other way bound by your institution to use that service
you could anyway use the interactive interpreter on your pc, applying
the debugging and self-learning techniques that were shown to you, in
many different circumstances, by the very, very helpful folks of clp.

thank you for your attention

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