FYI: Micro Python running on kickstarter pyBoard project, now shipping

sohcahtoa82 at sohcahtoa82 at
Thu Oct 23 23:11:53 CEST 2014

On Thursday, October 23, 2014 10:07:26 AM UTC-7, jkn wrote:
> Hi all
>     I haven't heard in mentioned here, but since I saw one of the boards today thought I'd pass on the news:
> The Kickstarter 'MicroPython' project, which has a tiny 'pyboard' (only a couple of sq.inches in size) with a processor running 'a complete re-write of the Python (version 3.4) programming language so that it fits and runs on a microcontroller' is now shipping.
> Looks nice; I have no connection but will be getting one myself to play with...
>     Cheers
>     J^n

Is there any particular reason to get one of these when I can get a Raspberry Pi which is faster, has more memory, and a bundle of other features?

I mean, the idea seems cool and all, but I'm trying to understand why I would want to spend the ~$45 on something like that when a ~$35 Raspberry Pi will do everything and more, and do it faster.

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