Sample sqlite databases for use in python

Peter Otten __peter__ at
Sun Oct 26 12:03:12 CET 2014

Nicholas Cannon wrote:

> Hello I am making a data management program and although i can make my own
> databases I would like a couple sample ones to check out. Of course I
> searched on google for sample db's and I downloaded some but they are not
> working and I keep getting:
>                     File is not a database or encrypted
> The error is not exactly like that but it does say that it may be
> encrypted or not a database. 

Always cut and paste the actual error message.

> I want the end user to take a database and
> load it in to my program but I dont wont this happening even if the file
> is a sqlite3 one as well.

If my crystal ball is working you are experiencing the same problem as

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