Classes and the command line

Seymore4Head Seymore4Head at Hotmail.invalid
Mon Oct 27 04:28:40 CET 2014

Your message showed up as unavailable on my server I have to cut and
paste Google Groups to reply.  (I am going to change news servers
probably tomorrow to try to fix that)  So the quoting is going to be

Why not idle?
And if in general you are at python 3, why 2.7 here?
There are enough factor to learn ( and get confused)!
Please don't add new ones gratuitously! 

I am taking two courses in Python 2 so I think I am going to forget
using Python 3 until I finish the courses.  One of the course
instructors suggests we try the command like way.

Your other explanations on the distinctions are helpful, but for now I
am going with Python 2.  Final answer.  :)  (A few more weeks)  They
are teaching Python 2.  I have to use Python 2 to learn it.


I am going to be flexible on IDLE in the near future, but I wanted to
try it the old fashion way.  I already know using IDLE is better, but
I am not sure using IDLE will invoke Python 2 and I am not sure how to
change that at the moment.

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