Build Question: How to Add -Wl, --option Before Objects In

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Tue Oct 28 09:11:50 CET 2014

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 Cyd Haselton <chaselton at> wrote:
> I'm building python on an Android device in the KBOX
> environment...which simulates a Unix type filesystem.
> Python isn't installed; I'm building from sources (2.7.8) with GCC
> 4.8.0 and make.
> The problem with the LDFLAGS approach is that some of the libraries
> that must be linked (-lc -ldl) do not need the --allow-shlib-undefined
>'s only the lpython2.7 that does.  Any way to do this?

Sorry, I have no experience with that environment nor an understanding 
of why you need to specify --allow-shlib-undefined (it seems to be the 
default in some versions of ld).  You could look at and, if necessary, 
modify Lib/distutils, the part of the Python standard library that 
builds extension modules from

 Ned Deily,
 nad at

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