Anyone know the solution

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Wed Oct 29 01:53:46 CET 2014

On 28Oct2014 09:07, ngangsia akumbo <ngangsia at> wrote:
>This is a sample code on how to read data from a file
>files1 {}
>result = open("file1.txt")
>for line in result:
>    file1 = line>split()
>print('THE FILE INFO')

Do you have a specific question to accompany this?

The code above is syntactly invalid, so it will not run.

The line:

   files1 {}

is invalid, but looks like it is intended to initialise files1 as a dictionary.  
However, the rest of the program seems to use it as though it were a list.

The line:

   file1 = line>split()

should probably be written:

   file1 = line.split()

With ">" it is legal (as it performs a comparison) but will fail because 
there's no bare "split()" function, and anyway is probably not as intended.

Your final print statements need an extra closing parenthesis each.

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